?1,000,000 Bank NoteTwain[$$-8]8N/a
1601 - A Fireside ConversationTwainOPN/a
Adventures of Huckleberry FinnTwain[$$-6]6NAL
Adventures of Huckleberry FinnTwain[$$-17]17Putnam
Adventures of Huckleberry FinnTwain[$$-3]3Dover
Adventures of Huckleberry FinnTwain/BlairOPU. of Cal
Adventures of Huckleberry FinnTwain/GiseOPTroll
Adventures of Huckleberry FinnTwain/LaikenOPPlaymore
Adventures of Huckleberry FinnTwain/Laiken[$$-10]10Playmore
Adventures of Huckleberry Finn (Anniv. issue)Twain[$$-17]17U. of Cal.
Adventures of Tom SawyerTwain[$$-3]3Playmore
Adventures of Tom SawyerTwain[$$-6]6Playmore
Adventures of Tom SawyerTwain[$$-16]16Putnam
Adventures of Tom SawyerTwain[$$-8]8Dover
Adventures of Tom SawyerTwain/Elliot[$$-35]35NAL
Autobiography of Mark TwainNeiderOSHarper
Best Works of Mark TwainTwain[$$-7]7Dover
Bible According to Mark TwainBaetzhold/McCulloughOPU. of Geo.
Brilliant StreakLasky-Moser[$$-5]5Contemp
Christian ScienceTwain[$$-18]18Prom
Cobbleston Magazine, May 1984Yoder[$$-24]24Cblstone
Collected Tales, Sketches, Speeches and Essays 1852-1890Twain/Budd[$$-9]9Lib. of Am
Collected Tales, Sketches, Speeches and Essays 1891-1910Twain/BuddOPLib. of Am
Comedic PathosMandia[$$-50]50McFarland
Complete Short StoriesTwain/Neider[$$-50]50Bantam
Completer Humorous Sketches and TalesNeider[$$-16]16Da Capo
Conn. Yankee in King Arthur's CourtTwain/Reiss[$$-28]28NAL
Courtship of Olivia L., and Mark T., TheHarris[$$-13]13Cambridge
Dangerous WatersPowersOPBasic
Diaries of Adam and EveTwain[$$-60]60Prom
Diaries of Adam and EveTwain/Pickett[$$-35]35Coronado
Early Tales and sketches Vol. 1Twain/BranchOPU. of Cal
Early Tales and sketches Vol. 2Twain/Branch[$$-1]1U. of Cal
Following the EquatorTwainOSDover
Getting To Be Mark TwainSteinbrink[$$-8]8U. of Cal
Gilded Age, TheTwain/Warner[$$-35]35NAL
Great Americans, Mark TwainSkarmeas[$$-30]30Ideals
Hannibal, Huck and TomBlairOPU. of Cal.
Historical Romances-(P&P/C.Y./Joan)Twain[$$-4]4LibofAm
Humorous Stories and SketchesHauptOPMcFarland
In Bad FaithTwain/Smith[$$-13]13Dover
Innocents AbroadRobinson[$$-5]5Harvard
Innocents Abroad/Roughing ItTwainOPNAL
Inventing Mark TwainTwain/Cardwell[$$-18]18Lib. of Am
Jim Dilema, TheHoffmanOPMorrow
Joan of ArcChadwick-Joshua[$$-22]22Mississippi
Jumping Frog, TheTwain[$$-17]17Menner
Letters From the EarthTwainOPDover
Life on the MissisippiTwain/DeVotoOPHarper
Litery ManTwain/KriegelOPNAL
Mark TwainLowryOSOxford
Mark T-W-A-I-NSkarmeasOSCambridge
Mark Twain A to ZN/a[$$-6]6Lerner
Mark Twain and Huckleberry FinnRassmussn[$$-7]7Oxford
Mark Twain and the Art of the Tall TaleRossOPViking
Mark Twain and William JamesWonkanOPOxford
Mark Twain at the Buffalo ExpressHornOPMissouri
Mark Twain Encyclopedia, TheMcCulloughOSNIU
Mark Twain in the USALeMaster[$$-5]5Garland
Mark Twain Quarterly/JournalJohnsonOPComp.
Mark Twain Short StoriesTenney[$$-13]13Tenney
Mark Twain Speaking REALLY Out of PrintTwain/KaplanOSNAL
Mark Twain Speaks For HimselfTwainOPIa/Ca
Mark Twain Walking America AgainFatout[$$-13]13Purdue
Mark Twain, A Writers LifeJanssen[$$-20]20N/a
Mark Twain, Young WriterMeltzerOPWatts
Mark Twain: Letters from HawaiiMason[$$-40]40S&S
Mark Twain: Tales, Speechs,Essays, & SketchesDay[$$-40]40Hawaii
Mark Twain: Wit and WisecracksTwain/Quirk[$$-50]50Penguin
Mark Twain's Adventures at Aurora LakeBenardete[$$-50]50Pauper
Mark Twain's Book for Bad Boys and GirlsWilliams[$$-50]50Tree
Mark Twain's Clara Last copies available - probablyTwain/RasmussenOPCont
Mark Twain's Ethical RealismHarnsbergerOPShori
Mark Twain's Letters Vol. 2 1867-1868Fulton[$$-30]30Missouri
Mark Twain's Letters Vol. 3 1869Smith-Bucci[$$-17]17U. of Cal
Mark Twain's Notebooks/Journals Vol. 1Fischer-FrankOSU. of Cal.
Mark Twain's Notebooks/Journals Vol. 2AndersonOSU. of Cal.
Mark Twain's Notebooks/Journals Vol. 3Anderson[$$-1]1U. of Cal
Mark Twain's Puddn'head WilsonBrowning[$$-5]5U. of Cal
Mark Twain's Virginia CityGillman/RobinsonOPDuke
Mississippi Writings: T.S./L.o.M./H.F./P.W.N/aOSOutbooks
Mr. Clemens and Mark TwainTwain/Cardwell[$$-13]13Lib. of Am
My Mark TwainKaplan[$$-1]1S&S
Mysterious Stranger and Other Curious TalesHowellsOPDover
Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories, TheTwain[$$-4]4Random
Mysterious Stranger and Other Stories, TheTwainOPDover
On Mark Twain: The Best from American LiteratureTwain/Lynn[$$-4]4NAL
Our Famous Guestill.rockwellOSDuke
Persona and Humor in Mark Twain's Early WritingsTwain/Morris[$$-7]7U Geo.
Prince and the PauperRassmussenOPU of Mo.
Prince and the Pauper, TheTwainOSU. of Cal
Prince and the Pauper, TheTwain/Smith[$$-3]3Dover
Prince and the Pauper, TheLeonard, Tenney, Davis[$$-3]3Heritage
Puddn'head WilsonTwainOPNAL
Puddn'head WilsonTwainOPHeritage
Quotable Mark Twain, TheTwainOPNAL
Roughing ItTwain/TeacherOPCont.
Roughing ItFishkinOPNAL
Satire or Evasion?: Black Perspectives on Huck FinnBaenderOPU. of Cal.
Tom Sawyer AbroadCollinsOSN/a
Tom Sawyer, DetectiveN/a[$$-13]13St. Martin
Tramp Abroad (facsimili ed. )Twain/Fuentes[$$-4]4St. Martin
Unabridged Mark Twain Vol 2AyersHeritage
Was Huck Black?SabinRun
What is ManOxford
When in Doubt, Tell the TruthU. of Cal.
Which was the DreamColumbia
Wishbone Classic Tom SawyerU. of Cal.
Wit and Wisdom of Mark TwainHarper
Young Mark TwainNAL